The Deepwater Redfish

Sebastes mentella

The Deepwater Redfish (or Atlantic Redfish) is a popular member of the Sebastidae family. It has a uniquely red coloration and a robust, oval shaped body. It can be found in the waters of the North Atlantic from the Canadian coast to the waters of Scandinavia and Northern Europe. It is a deep water species, inhabiting waters between 300-1000 meters in depth. The species feeds on small invertebrates, fish and crustaceans and can live up to 60 years of age. It is a highly prized commercial fish.

The Barbel

Barbus barbus

The barbel is an iconic river species from the cyprinidae family. It prefers highly oxygenated waters with strong currents and sandy or pebbled bottoms. The species is native to Northern and Eastern Europe and has a characteristic elongated and aerodynamic body with a dark back and golden sides. It feeds on small organisms like gastropods, insects and small crustaceans. Barbel roe is poisonous to humans. It is an incredibly popular species amongst anglers due to its sheer strength and endurance.

The Barramundi

Lates calcarifer

Barramundi are a member of the Latidae family. They are catadromous fish, being born in saltwater while living most of their lives in fresh or brackish water. The species is found mostly in Australia, South-East Asia and in places of the Pacific Ocean. While Barramundi can be found in saltwater they prefer rivers, lagoons and estuaries. Nearly all Barramundi are born as males and some turn into females between 3-4 years of age. They feed primarily on fish, insects and small aquatic animals. It is a prized fish amongst anglers and a popular species in today’s fish farming industry.

The Mahi-mahi

Coryphaena hippurus

The Mahi Mahi, dorado or dolphin fish is a popular pelagic gamefish of the coryphaenidae family. It is found in all tropical and sub-tropical waters of the world and is especially abundant to the IndoPacific, the Carribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. It is characterized by its beautiful coloration and recognizable large head. It feeds mainly on small fish, squids and small invertebrates and crustaceans. Mahi mahi are prized fish by anglers due to their brute strength (the name is derived from the Hawaiian for “very strong”) and a very popular fish amongst chefs.

The Mud Crab

Scylla serrata

The Mud Crab (or mangrove crab) is a member of the Portunidae family. It inhabits the tropical waters of Australia, Africa and Asia. It prefers soft and muddy seabeds and is often found in estuaries and mangroves. It is a large crab with a characteristic green and brown coloration. Adult specimens feed on smaller crustaceans, invertebrates and gastropods. It is a very popular species in the Indo-Pacific.

The Roach

Rutilus rutilus
35cm, 52cm

The roach is a small member of the Cyprinidae family (commonly known as the carp family). Growing to around 30cm, it is widely found in lakes, rivers, ponds and brackish water in Europe and parts of Asia. The species has a characteristic short silver body with unmistakable red eyes and red caudal fins. Often found in small schools, roach feed mainly on plant material and small insects, larva and gastropods. It is a very cautious and timid species and a favorite snack predatory fish.