About us

At the beginning there was a common passion fueled by countless fishing trips, exploration of new fisheries, exchanging valuable experience and spending long hours reminiscing on the good old times.

Yes, it all began with a love for angling and being out on the water. It was this love that one day took us to the shores of the Dunajec River and let us believe in our dreams of common business and in something what we could create together from scratch and from quality materials. Something that would match our expectations.

Shortly afterwards we were both happy fathers. In essence, our shared hobbies, dreams of business and the joys of being parents created the idea. Then, after lots of hard work, research and initial prototypes, our firm took shape at the beginning of 2012. And so, GABY, a combination of our daughters’ names, was founded.

We offer you original and high quality projects, something that in today’s world – flooded with questionable products in it to make a quick buck – is simply hard to find. These are unique toys for kids 3 to 103 and are very different from anything available on store shelves today; they are something that has never been seen before! GABY products aren’t just another set of teddy bears, they are true representations of some of the world’s most beautiful fish.

And of course, all our products are entirely made in Poland according to the highest standards – they have to be good enough for all our kids!